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April 2010 News

Posted on April 27th, 2010 in Maintenance Division

From Jerry Thex’s Desk

Hi there, I just wanted to inform all the Low-Rent tenants out there, I’ve been busy measuring and checking out the Roof and yards to see what condition there in on 12-05 units in Busby and at Westside in Lame Deer, also a friendly reminder to tenants, please put a work order in as soon as possible if there is any signs of water leaks. We have two maintenance workers on work orders each month now so we should be able to get to your work order as soon as possible depending on the urgency of the problem, so please be patient with us we get anywhere from 60 – 70 work orders a month. We have been doing 70 – 75 work orders and still doing some catch up. Please don’t hesitate to call or come in to make a work order, or check up on your work order to find our why it hasn’t been worked on, sometime we don’t have the material and have to wait until the order gets here.

We most likely are start in August on some routine maintenance on furnaces and clean out the chimneys on furnaces will oil motors and they show you how to change out filters once a month to insure the furnace is working properly.
We will start annual inspections again in later part of August, we will be starting in Lame Deer, on to Busby, than Muddy Cluster and last of all Ashland and Birney.

Ecolab Spray

Ecolab spray will be scheduled on last week of April 29, 2010 for Low-Rent Tenants. The cost of spray is $65.00 for other interested Home Owners who would like to have their home sprayed you can pick up preparation form at Maintenance office to help you prepare for the spray


Mutual Help Residents, you need to fill out Request Form on Furnaces or other emergencies at the main office. The Executive Director, Lafe Haugen needs to approve the request before Maintenance Workers can do the work.

Weekend On-Call System

We are no longer on Weekend On-Call System due to the nice weather we are experiencing now.