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June-July 2010 News

Posted on July 27th, 2010 in Maintenance Division

Our NCTHA Summer Youth Program started again on June 1, 2010 with five (5) Supervisors: Tyson Fox, Benji Headswift, Robert Mc Lean, Shontay Old Mouse, & Shane Fox.

The youth are; Terrace Small, Loranzy Mc Makin, Riston Spang, Gabriel Carlson, Sierra Alexander, Preston Gray, Richard Sees The Ground, Kyla Two Bulls-Phalin, Eva Medicine Horse, Tisha Limpy, William Bahr, Dezbah Beartusk, Joseph Red Thunder, Andrew Thex, Adrienne Haugen, Shawna Young Bear, Tevan Big Head, Kenisha Bird, Dalore Deputee, Todd Elk Shoulder, William Jackman, Wayne Black Wolf Jr., and Kyle Gleason.

Some of the youth workers are busy cleaning and picking up trash, also mowing the yards in all the vacant Low-Rent units, some of the youth workers are restoring and cleaning Recreation areas in all Five (5) Districts.

Some of the youth workers will be participating in the parade on the July 3rd at the Pow-Wow grounds, we like to say thank you to all the youth workers for participating in the parade and wish everyone happy and safe holiday. Hope you all enjoy our 4th of July annual Pow-Wow.

Adrienne Haugen is helping out Julitha Littlebird, Secretary/Receptionist in maintenance department learning how to do work orders, filing and answering the phone, also helping out Lori Club Foot, Janitor/Custodian with some cleaning around the office areas. Julitha well be out of the office from July 5th to the 16th Adrienne will be doing clerical work for Maintenance Division Manager Roger Kills Knight Sr.