822 NORTH CHEYENNE AVENUE, LAME DEER, MONTANA 59043 - PHONE: 406-477-6419, FAX: 406-477-6229


Our Board of Commissioners are appointed by the Northern Cheyenne Tribe each term to represent their reservation community with their housing needs by providing a clear partnership with Tribal Housing and our tenants – we value this relationship.

  • Jerry Thex, Ashland District

    Ashland Commissioner Jerry Thex represents Allen Rowland (Rabbit Town) and Walking Horse (Flats) subdivisions as well as scattered units in his area. Units north along Tongue River Road and southward along Birney River Road.

  • Secretary Florence Running Wolf, Birney District

    Birney Commissioner Florence Running Wolf represents Birney Village and residents northeast along Birney River Road as well as units north along Karl Bement Memorial Highway. Running Wolf serves are commission secretary.

  • Vice Chairman Troy Killsontop, Busby District

    Busby Commissioner Troy Killsontop represents Busby proper, Magic City and Eagle Feathers subdivision and eastward to the reservation boundary and south towards Kirby. Killsontop also represents residents along east US 212.

  • Chairman Wilber Spang, Lame Deer District

    Lame Deer Commissioner Wilber Spang represents Lame Deer and all point north, south, east and west to their respective boundaries.

  • Joseph Limberhand, Muddy District

    Ashland Commissioner Jerry Thex represents Ashland, Montana which sits south of Lame Deer. This district has 150 low rent units housing 600 individuals.