Fit over Blue Blocking Glasses with Clear Lens

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Fit over Blue Blocking Glasses with Clear Lens Description

Fitover blue light blocking glasses reduce eyestrain, eliminate dry eyes, do not let your eyes uncomfortable ruin your daily life.Get maximum protection with ourpatented, multi layer coating designed specifically to reduce glare, reflect blue light away from the user and relieve long term eye strain caused by excess electronic device use. Lens width: 2 3/8′(61mm)Frame width: 5 11/16′(145mm)Lens height: 1 3/4′(44mm)Frame height: 1 7/8′(48mm)INCLUDES1 * hard case1 * cleaning soft cloth1 * pouchWhether you are looking for computer reading glasses for the office or eyeglasses. BLUELESS computer reading glasses will give you the premium protection you are looking for.CARETo avoid damage, never clean your computer glasses with paper towels or clothing or alcohol, and also avoid using household detergents or soaps. While a few mild soaps don’t harm lenses, today’s extra strength soaps are powerful enough to slowly disintegrate lens coatings.

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